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The Border 


One of the things that affects the economic and security status of a population is not being able to control who comes in, and who doesn’t. Part of what this story’s about involves just that, but would you really be willing to go this far. It’s also about a Border Guard who must make a decision between enforcing the law, and the life of his child.

The Sentinel


The Sentinel, an eight-foot tall, six hundred pound genetically engineered reconnaissance drone is left for dead by an interstellar spacecraft, in the mountains of Colorado. They will not be back. It’s alive, and alone, on an alien world. Elizabeth Claywell is a blind, thirteen year old girl on vacation with her family in those same mountains. Elizabeth can sense things the rest of us can’t and sometimes it takes a very special turn of events to allow the world to truly understand what it means… To Be Human.

The Encounter


Margaret O’Donnel is the human name taken by an alien envoy on Earth to orchestrate a first contact. Circumstance brings her and a human named Lawrence Casey together, and plunges them into Earth’s past to escape a band of mercenaries from her side of the universe sent to deliver her to her father’s enemies. The time is eighteen seventy-five. The place is Wyoming. Our time travelers land in the middle of a range war between the mountain and valley ranchers. Taking sides sets in motion the future events that lead to the destruction of a third of Earth’s population. Help is on the way with the knowledge that could restore Earth’s timeline. There is a chance to fix it if they can avoid capture by the mercenaries or death at the hands of the valley ranchers.

The Key


To save his kingdom from an unspeakable evil a young knight begins a quest in search of a mystical key to an unknown power, a quest that will take him across the galaxy to a world he can’t even imagine, Earth. With the help of a female archeologist, they will embark on the adventure of a lifetime to save his home.

The Submarine Effect


The world as we know it is gone. Those who orchestrated the end of our existence never believed we would take their world with us. Like many of those who came before them, they underestimated the strength of purpose that gave birth to the American spirit. Hundreds of years later our descendants will rise from the depths to face a world that has mutated into something very different and very, very lethal.



A war is brewing, and Earth is caught in the middle, between the Tylotheian Empire and the Drigonian Home World over control of the Portal, a natural phenomenon that formed in Earth’s solar system. This tear in the fabric of space allows travel back through time. Will Earth survive to become part of the Tylotheian Empire and remain a free world, or be reduced to a slave labor camp by the Drigonians while they strip the planet of its natural resources and cast Humanity to the wind. Join Mr. and Mrs. Casey, one Human and one Tylotheian, in this exciting continuation of “The Encounter” as they join forces with her people and a highly advanced secret society on Earth, in an effort to preserve his world and her new home.

The Basics of Screenwriting


Taking your idea from thought to paper can be a very difficult thing to do. Within this guide I will show you how to create a storyline, develop characters, and then turn it into a screenplay.