This feature length screenplay is currently available for sale or option:

Scenes from the script were used recently to teach an acting class with Joanna Sanchez

Logline for Memories

Amanda is the only surviving member of her family after their car is forced off a mountain road and with no memory of who she is, and a stranger to help put the pieces back together, a journey of rediscovery begins, a journey that someone will kill to prevent.

Synopsis for Memories

Amanda Thorpe is a spoiled little rich girl who is only concerned about what benefits her. Her father owns an electronics supply company in Portland Oregon. Her father’s partner Richard has gotten himself in debt to a local loan shark and bookie named Starke.

Starke wants to use the electronics company to laundry money from some of his other ventures. In order to do that he has to eliminate Richard’s partner Amanda’s father.

Amanda is forced to accompany her family on a short trip to visit her grandparents. Starke uses this opportunity to force the family car off a mountain road killing everyone except Amanda. She’s thrown clear but suffers a broken arm and a blow to the head that leaves her with no memory of who she is or what she saw.

She wanders away from the crash site into the Oregon wilderness and is saved from freezing to death by Steven Warlett. Steven has retired to the woods and lives in a small cabin well off the beaten path.

Amanda is with Steven long enough to become attached to him before he returns her to her frantic grandparents. He agrees to accompany her back home and help her rediscover her life.

Amanda slowly begins to remember and is not very happy with the person she used to be. With Steven beside her to keep things in perspective she begins to pull her life back together.

As her memories begin to return she starts to see flashes of what happened on the mountain road that night. Starke finds out there is a living witness to the accident and puts things in motion to rectify the mistake. Steven is the only thing that stands between Amanda and a shallow grave in the Oregon wilds.

A Few Scenes from the Script